Jiji Sweet @Shade45 Mix November 10, 2017!

Jiji Sweet Shade 45 Mix November 10, 2017!

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Track List

DJ Jiji Sweet Shade 45 November 10, 2017

1. YG: Fuck It Up

2. Tee Grizzly: No Effort

3. Sage The Gemini: Reverse

4. King Stace: Long Live The King

5. Problem: Top Off

6. Lonny Bereal: Got To Know f. Kap G

7. Kendrick Lamar: Love

8. Young Dra: Picking Me

9.  Travis Scott: Butterfly Effect

10. Tony Swag: Lifestyle f. Gucci Mane

11.  21 Savage: Bank Account

12. Junya Boy: Whip Some Sick f. Mr. Mince

13. Lil Uzi Vert: Sauce It Up

14. Conceptz: Grind Time f. Styles P

15. Mr. Smith: I Been

16. Tyga: Nann Nigga

17. G-Eazy: No Limit f. Cardi B

18. D Law XO: Step Wit Me

19. Tyga: Run It Back

20. Young Trap: Dance With You F. Izzy Lacy

21. Ty Dolla Sign: Love You Better f. The Dream

22. Fifty50: E.P.I.C.

23. Lady T: In My Own Lane

24. N.O.R.E.: Drinks On Me

25. N.O.R.E. : Una Mas f. Pharrell

26. Bronson Ave: Women Everywhere f. Brandi Kane

27. Kendrick Lamar: Loyalty f. Rihanna


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