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Granite male enhancement

 try it rats they're all shapes and sizes we put them in size breast implants guys throw it out it different sizes start with and then I'll show a sharp on the end so you're putting it through the scan and you can cause bruising you could go into a different layer that you weren't intending it to go into but with a cannula that's a long blunt needle for people who haven't seen them before and we use a little introducer which pigs-in-a-blanket kind of look and so you really want to make sure that you maintain those proportions do you go circumferentially around you go just the 75% area yeah I go about 270 degrees around so and then you don't want to put too much on the anterior surface to you makes it look almost like a elephant trap so you really you're putting the majority of it I'm a lateral size amazing amazing so I mean this is I think I mean you you've been doing this for quite a while do you think what do you think is the barrier to having more men doing this because it sounds like the downsides again I don't want to put it sounds like the downsides are pretty limited based on studies based on some of the studies done yet about Asia and using fillers

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