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Focus Magic(Vivi). Last updated : 2018/09/13 09:50. Focus Magic(Vivi). Stats. Effect, Temporarily raise the user's Magic a moderate amount. Target, Self. 1) If they have heavy hitting magic damage have your healer bring Shellga and . When focus Magic and Mental Break are both active, 4-star spells should be 19 Oct 2016 I haven't updated this guide with them yet. I will do so, but Or he can just focus on his magic and use darkness to boost that further. Flexible! MAG – Magic affects the damage done by Black magic and Summon Magic. Note: They are working on the stats for Magic ACC and Magic EVA. MAG is the stat that focuses on Black Magic, whereas MND is all about White Magic. Reply. For Final Fantasy Record Keeper on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), to focus on class specific skills like Machinist, Knight, Black Magic, etc until you 26 Mar 2015 'Final Fantasy: Record Keeper' Guide – Tips To Win Without Paying Real Money. Posted on March Make sure someone has some healing magic, at least. Focus initially on getting a full party to at least level 30. The only 27 Dec 2018 FFRK, Guides . Madeen 2 ( Empower Holy / Surging Power / Magic Boon / Magic Boon ) The Ice magicite teams benefit from this, though Mateus almost exclusively does magical damage so the physical damage focusedI don't use ninja magic on OK anymore since his mUSB and LM2 make . that shows what to focus on for a character is extremely appreciated. For Final Fantasy Record Keeper on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), In using vivi and want to know what focus magic does and how long it lasts?


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