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First, we create a

element (class="background") with a background image, and a border. Then we create another
(class="transbox") inside the first
. The
have a background color, and a border - the div is transparent. The opacity property adds transparency to the background of an element, and to all of its child elements as well. CSS Tutorial: CSS Opacity / Transparency. Jul 18, 2013 Quotes are only needed for CSS properties that have dissimilar corresponding jQuery property names, which would be background-color (the Jan 13, 2013 How to Set the Opacity of a DIV Background Using CSS this has the side effect of making everything in the DIV semi-transparent, not just the Aug 5, 2012 There is no CSS property background-opacity, but you can fake it by inserting a pseudo element with regular opacity the exact size of the Apr 25, 2017 If you are looking for a way to interactively set CSS properties on a DOM element, you really need to look no further than jQuery. This would set the 'background-color' property to 'red' for any element that had the class of 'example'. one of the borders of the box-model and making two others transparent.fadeTo() method animates the opacity of the matched elements. It is similar to the .fadeIn() With duration set to 0 , this method just changes the opacity CSS property, so .fadeTo( 0, opacity ) is the . background: #f00;. } #two {. top: 20px;. There is no CSS property like background-opacity that you can use only for changing the opacity or transparency of an element's background without affecting The following tutorial will demonstrate 4 core concepts of jQuery's .css method. 1. GET a CSS In this first example, let's create a
with a solid background color Next, let's use jQuery's .css method to GET the opacity of the


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